Retooling: Where to Begin?

I like starting my day with bright sun shining on my face and a cool spring breeze gently calling me to wake. This old friend is very familiar; it is that feeling we get when we are confident about the possibilities. I am waking up this morning assured that today is the day to make good things happen. What good things you may ask? I am referring to the good choices that guide us on our journey to a purposeful life and business opportunities.

With that said, I also know that whatever skills, talents, opportunities, good friends, mentors and luck that contributed to my current success, can no longer sustain my evolution of purpose and growth. It is time to adapt to the changes that are on the horizon, heck-knocking at my front door…correction, sitting on my living room couch. Here is how I see it. Retooling your car for the upcoming summer season with coolant will ensure you do not find yourself upset and late for that big deal because you are stuck in traffic with an overheated vehicle. Analyzing the 2013-2015 business seasons for my company, e-GLAM, Inc. and your organization is also critical so that we do not overheat in the traffic of the new global economy.

I believe in the concept of Customized Empowerment™. Customized Empowerment is when we decide to pursue our personal or business passions by leveraging our talents, networks and technology. When take inventory of our intellectual gifts and nurture our learned skills we accomplish our goals organically. Our firmly believe in the ideas that organic success is a blend of natural and nurtured talent harnessed to achieve your best BIG ideas. When you are in the organic success zone, you are:

  • Developing critical questions to research and answer
  •  Identifying and embracing your personal and professional strengths
  • Leveraging and spicing up your best big idea
  • Analyzing and strategically placing yourself in a stream of opportunity
  • Identifying and acting on opportunities
  • Seeking expert advice and taking critical risks
  • Blending past and current knowledge to new situations
  • Drafting a plan of action that is reflective of your goals and objectives (be specific)
  • Taking to time to maintain a reflective journal to routinely analyze and make course corrections
  • Networking with 5 critical partners (people with skill sets that compliment yours)
  • Communicating your passion while helping someone else
  • Being Persistent…Never let up!

I am starting with assessment through questioning:

  • What are my strengths?
  •  What are my natural talents?
  • What new skill must I develop?
  • How does the team’s skill sets support future goals?
  • What support does the team need to meet their goals?
  •  What resources do we currently have that can be leveraged to mitigate gaps?
  • What are the gaps?
  • How can we fill the gaps?
  • What does the customer want?
  • Where are the resources?
  • How are we meeting the needs of our target audience?
  • What environmental changes are on the horizon that will impact today’s decisions?
  • What will be our next BIG idea?

I have also decided to get expert help while getting the facts. By asking the right questions, collecting the critical data, and reflecting on the implications to draft a plan of action, I have also decided to retool with the assistance of business school. I have enrolled in the Executive MBA program at George Mason University . Because I believe that education levels the planning field for people pursuing their dreams, I have decided to study and network with global business thought leaders to customize my empowerment and nurture my organic approach to success. I am retooling…stay tuned!

Robin McDougal

About robinmcdougal

I am a wife, mother of two daughters, soon to be a grandma, S.T.E.M. ( Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) Advocate for kids especially girls, and a photographer. I spend my free time watching cooking channels looking for new recipes I can share with friends and family. I love wine tastings and meeting with my friends at our favorite restaurants. Spending at least 1 hour per day working on photographic projects is part of my self-care formula. To blend my personal passions with my commitment to increasing women in STEM careers, I launched COBALT Magazine to tell the stories of women who leverage technology to live passionate lifestyles. Named for the natural element found in fashion-forward design and the ion-lithium battery industry, COBALT Magazine women live passionately while energizing their community. Entrepreneur, S.T.E.M. Advocate, and lover of digital design, I am committed to attracting and developing women/girls to pursue careers S.T.E.M., especially in aerospace by removing real and perceived barriers. I am excited about COBALT Magazine for women in technology being the world’s largest free digital format magazine focused on women in technology. We are proud that COBALT Magazine readers are the world’s most influential technology leaders, business owners, political decision-makers, the most exciting young emerging tech professionals.
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